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Cisco Kid was an Western adventure cowboy series broadcast from 1942 to 1958. Jackson Beck played the Cisco Kid and Louis Sorin as Pancho. In 1946, the show was recast with Jack Mather as Cisco and Harry Lang as Pancho. The series was action-packed featuring Cisco and Pancho's adventure in the wild west. It has superb sound effects with racing hoofbeats, gunshots, fist fights, and often the urgent cries of the eponymous hero Cisco and his comical partner Pancho.

The Cisco Kid and Pancho are an exciting pair of rough Mexican vagabonds who are the modern day "Robin Hood." They rob the rich and the greedy and give to the poor, therefore often on the run from the law themselves. The pair are in and out of trouble at the drop of a sombrero. They ride away on their loyal horses, Diablo and Loco, galloping on the land of the frontier Arizona.

There are 175 shows in our collection! Date Aired
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The Night Stage March 17, 1953
Gunman for Hire March 19, 1953
Flowers for Polly March 24, 1953
Bank Robbery in Cactus March 26, 1953
Dynamite at Big Trestle March 31, 1953
Apologetic Kid April 2, 1953
Secret Mission April 7, 1953
Fire in the Night April 9, 1953
The Disappearing Cabin April 14, 1953
The Flume of Death April 16, 1953
Gunman's Twin March 10, 1953
Dishonor Amongst Thieves February 26, 1953
Cisco Meets the Apache Kid January 8, 1953
Baron of the Badlands January 13, 1953
Berserk January 15, 1953
The Iron Goes West January 20, 1953
Run on the Bank January 22, 1953
Billy Callico January 27, 1953
According to Law January 29, 1953
Fight at the County Seat February 10, 1953
The Feud February 12, 1953
Bullet & Ballots February 24, 1953
The Mummy of the April 21, 1953

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